Start Score a Friend Club at your College!

Young adult leaders of the Unified Generation work together to create a world of opportunity for youth of all abilities!


Score A Friend Clubs create access and opportunities for:

  • Inclusion Education
  • Youth Leadership
  • Unified Friendships
  • Unified/Inclusive Sports & Boosters
  • Unified Elective Courses
  • Buddies Programs
  • Inclusive School Sports and Clubs
  • Community Connections

Club Highlights

The Score A Friend Website and Network provide access to program and planning tools that support club start-up and annual club success!

  • Club Start-Up Guide and Videos
  • Club Start-Up Kit
  • Club President Teacher Sponsor Binder, Forms, and Planning Tools
  • Club Policies Procedures and Organizational Chart
  • Club Committee and Job Descriptions
  • Club Recruitment Forms and Videos
  • Club Programs Start-Up Guides and Planning Tools
  • Club Ideas and Calendar Samples
  • Club Fundraising Activity Kits
  • Score A Friend Week Kit
  • Awards for Club Members

Score A Friend Networks

The Score A Friend Network provide access to club forms, planning tools, and resources, as well as opportunities to connect and collaborate with other club leaders throughout the world.

  • Club Facebook Page
  • Student Ambassador Networking
  • Teacher Sponsor Networking
  • Parent Representative Networking
  • Inclusion Education
  • Community Connections

Score A Friend Store

The Score A Friend Store provides apparel, kits, and gifts to support and reward your club.

  • Score A Friend Apparel
  • Club Activity Kits
  • Club Fundraising Kits
  • Gifts for Club Members & Volunteers