Our Mission

Our mission is to build Unified Clubs in schools, supporting the education and activation of youth leaders to advance inclusion in the world for youth of all abilities

Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive world of possibilities, respect, acceptance, and equal opportunities for youth of all abilities to thrive, lead, and succeed.

Inclusion Education

We provide and promote inclusion awareness and education programs in schools to inspire and influence change.

Youth Activation, Leadership, and Networking

We are inspiring, educating, and activating a new generation of youth leaders to advocate for and transform their schools and communities into environments of authentic social inclusion. Authentic social inclusion creates opportunities for research and development, jobs, housing, and resources for a new generation. We support our Student Ambassadors to connect and work together, creating networks of activists and advocates for change.

Score A Friend Clubs

Score A Friend is a NEW approach to providing inclusion education and experience through Unified Clubs in schools and communities. Score A Friend Clubs are at the heart of building inclusion in schools and communities. These youth-led clubs grow opportunities for youth of all abilities to open up their worlds, face fears, break boundaries, experience exploration, new challenges, possibilities, and camaraderie.

Community Connections

Score A Friend connects community resources to our club leaders to build inclusive school and community programs.

Unified Friendships

We encourage every student to experience Unified Friendships. Unified Friendships are friendships between youth with and without disabilities. Unified Friendships teach respect, kindness, understanding, acceptance, and love. Unified Friendships bring all kids together to support and achieve their greatest potentials.

Parent Networking

We encourage parents to network, share resources, support Score A Friend Clubs and Programs, and build inclusion in schools and communities.