OUR GOAL is for all schools, elementary through college, to utilize our clubs and programs to build inclusive schools and communities throughout the world

Our Programs

Score a friend Clubs

Score A friend Clubs are at the heart of building inclusion in schools and communities. These youth-led clubs grow opportunities for youth of all abilities to open up their worlds, face fears, break boundaries, and experience exploration, new challenges, possibilities, and camaraderie.

Score a Friend Network

We provide a community network for Score A Friend Ambassadors, Parent Representatives, and Teacher Sponsers to connect and collaborate with club leaders around the globe.

Unified Elective Courses

Unified Elective Courses offer opportunities for students of all abilities to interact throughout the school day. Students of all abilities are strategically partnered to fully participate and learn course material.

Score A Friend Week

The pinnacle of a Score A Friend Club's year, Score A Friend Week, provides full school inclusion training and opportunities for community networking.

Buddies Programs

Buddies Programs provide opportunities for youth of all abilities to interact and experience Unified Friendships during school programs and social activities. Buddies Programs include: Lunch Buddies, School Event Buddies, Recess Buddies, Reading Buddies, Bus Buddies, and Science Fair Buddies.

Unified Booster Clubs

Unified Booster Clubs are parent organizations that support and fundraise for Score A Friend Clubs, Unified/Inclusive Sports, and other inclusive programs in schools.