Our Story

Score A Friend is a 2012 program, developed by Sarah, a 13 year-old girl in pursuit of her Girl Scout Gold Award. Sarah’s twin brother has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and beginning in middle school, experienced a lack of inclusion in school clubs and sports, as well as an overall lack of friendships. Sarah immersed herself in the “disability world”, learning about disabilities, public laws & personal rights, inclusion, community resources, and the numerous stories of children and families. Sarah quickly determined that kids with disabilities meet friends through school, sports, and clubs just like all other children and became an activist for school-based inclusion education, Unified Clubs, Unified Sports, and Unified Elective Courses. In 2013, Sarah and her brother were appointed to their state’s Special Olympic Youth Activation Committee. It was then that Sarah learned about Special Olympics Project UNIFY and identified with Unified Clubs as the key component to building inclusive schools and Unified Friendships—or friendships between kids with and without disabilities. Sarah established Score A Friend, Inc. as a non-profit organization. She worked within her school district, and consulted with youth leaders across the country to build inclusion programs in schools and communities. In 2015, Sarah designed the Score A Friend Club Model and web-based Score A Friend Program to activate and support youth leaders everywhere to build Score A Friend Clubs in all schools and advance inclusion throughout the world.