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Pearl Henderson M.Ed., is an educational therapist and consultant in private practice in the Denver metro area with a collaborative group of professionals who all focus their work on individuals with special needs.

Because of her experience and compassionate heart, Pearl sees the need for Score A Friend organizations and activities.

Her first teaching job was in Alaska in a classroom of severe needs including several individuals with ASD.

Subsequent, varied teaching jobs led to the development of expertise teaching students with a diverse range of needs.

Prior to Denver, Pearl lived in Hawaii on the island of Maui, where she founded and directed for 15 years a school for students with a wide range of special needs.

Pearl primarily works with individuals who are exceptional in many different ways providing targeted direct instruction intervention, psycho- educational assessments in conjunction with a psychologist, psychiatrists, and/or medical doctors; creation and implementation of educational treatment plans; consult with other providers to coordinate care for individuals; consult regarding school placements and treatment plans; consultation with school district personnel regarding appropriate educational planning and placement; and teacher training for private and public schools.

In addition, Pearl’s multidimensional expertise in the field of special education is utilized as expert witness testimony in cases regarding special education programming, educational rights, and family court.