Learn and Practice

Learn and practice leadership, networking skills, respect, kindness, compassion, and camaraderie


Experience Unified Friendships

Plan and Lead

Plan and lead school and community events and fundraisers

Connect and Collaborate

Connect and Collaborate with community organizations

Learn and Share

Learn and share inclusion education


Connect and collaborate with Student Ambassadors around the globe through the Score A Friend Network

What is a Score A Friend Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are youth leaders that work together to transform their schools and communities into environments of inclusion. Students, in schools elementary through college, serving on a Score A Friend Club Executive Committee are Score A Friend Student Ambassadors.

What do Score A Friend Club Student Ambassadors do?

Score A Friend Student Ambassadors support their youth leadership team, Teacher Sponsor, and Parent Representatives to carry out the mission and goals of Score A Friend Clubs. 

How do I become a Score A Friend Student Ambassador?

Start a new Score A Friend Club and/or join the Executive Committee of a Score A Friend Club at your school. 

How do I join the Score A Friend Student Ambassador Network?

All Score A Friend Club Student Ambassadors connect and collaborate through the Score A Friend Student Ambassador Network. Once you register as an Executive Committee Member of a Score A Friend Club, Score A Friend, Inc. will provide you with a Network Login to access the site. 

“My journey with Score A Friend has been unforgettable! From founding SAFLSU at 1:00 AM in my freshman dorm room with Melissa Morgan to hosting events for Special Olympics of Louisiana to educating others on the need to be inclusive, I have never felt more pride in what I have done. My time advocating for people of all abilities across the United States has left an imprint on my heart and mind that I will never and would never want to be removed as it has instilled in me an active mind to look out for others, advocate for all, and to always think before I speak.”

Score A Friend Ambassador
Eliana Wackerman
Eliana Wackerman
Founder/Co-President Score A Friend at Louisiana State University